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Writing on Broadway market, Hackney… a favourite table spot

I’m currently building a project called ‘Creative Responses to Illness’. This aims to use writing and theatre to give people affected by illness a productive, fun and therapeutic way to use their experiences. From my own progression through various healthcare organisations, I believe there is a lack of this forward thinking work, while there is charity being offered. I hope to help people to embrace their differences and to contribute to their confidence and careers, as illness often leaves you struggling In unexpected ways.


I would love it if you also want to check out the two other blogs I write for: Olivia Abbatt Tumblr‘ and a very new, but very exciting project called Dance Yourself Free’.

In conjunction with this, I’m writing my first play, also called ‘Lipstick and Catheters’, based on my experience of friendship through illness. I also write fiction and articles and will soon look for an agent. In 2012 I completed my first novel, a young adult fantasy adventure called The Sea of Dreams. In 2014 I will work with a proof-reader to edit this and hope to find an agent with the long-term goal of publishing the story. I write drama, short stories and poetry, which will appear across ‘Red Lipstick & Catheters’, ‘Olivia Abbatt Tumblr‘ and ‘Dance Yourself Free’.

I recently began making short films, to motivate me while I was and resting waiting for an operation. You can watch ‘My Moment’ here. I’m currently preparing a factual series to launch here on the evening of 25 October about inspiring women I know. This features articles on amazing things which happen in people’s lives. I will also produce longer articles, for example one will be about my friend Najla, who was born in Afghanistan but has lived in Germany since she was eight years old. I recently had an article published on an international pupeteering website, about the 350th anniversary of Mr Punch in Britain ‘Happy Birthday Mr Punch!’ I also sketch little illustrations as I write, so I will display some of these on this blog.

I write all the time: at home, in libraries, on transport, in parks and in my head when I’m walking around London! My latest new project is the play. It will be fictional, but drawing on my own experiences of illness, recovery and youth.


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