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IMG_1147cross continents and centuries, red lips have symbolised fun, glamour, sex, health, women: everything vibrant. I always carry red lipstick. But of course, there are events which not even lipstick can influence. Experience diverges. Catheters and illness would not typically be associated with beauty, style and femininity. However, perhaps this perceived tension isn’t always contradictory. Red lipstick and catheters are aspects of the same thing: humanity, and, in my case, being a girl and now a woman. In my experience, such a duality highlights comic absurdity, just as life has a knack of combining incongruities: glamour, sickness, creativity, suffering, sexuality, weakness, war, medicine, humour, tragedy, existence, non-existence.
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I’m a young writer in London who loves the arts. I also had a rare, aggressive ovarian cancer when I was 18. I tried to escape it, but my writing is still influenced by my body, as my survival has been influenced by my writing. I recently recovered from my sixth abdominal operation and decided to work from these influences, as well as everything else in life. ‘Red Lipstick & Catheters’ is about creative projects: stories, comedy, films, people, London, travel.  If you’re especially interested in my medical background read  this page: ‘Teenage Cancer & Ovarian Cancer‘.

Whether you’re interested in writing and cafes or health and hospitals select categories at the top of any page. Otherwise pick features from the homepage.  I’ll write regular topics, such as top spots to write in, articles on ‘normal’ (extraordinary) people I know and extracts of writing. I’ll be accompanied by the things I enjoy in life: Hackney, photos, anything colourful and even a few healthy recipes. I hope you enjoy the site and keep coming back – I’ll be very happy to see you visiting and would really love to hear from you. Please do respond with comments.

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