Magical instant frozen raspberry yoghurt

This is a delicious, easy, cheap and super healthy version of an ice-cream style pudding and easily as delicious. It was inspired by a recipe a friend showed me using cream, strawberries, sugar and a blender. But this is a simpler and healthier version which only requires a bowl and a spoon. The colours are beautiful (photos to be uploaded shortly) it’s fresh, the process is satisfying and it’s fun to make with friends, family (or just your cat) at the end of a meal.

I love using raspberries because they freeze beautifully: remaining soft and containing tiny bursts of fresh sorbet. There’s plenty of scope for creative improvisation too! I love adding mint (picked from a pot by my back door), basil, or whatever else appeals… chocolate, fudge etc. Don’t miss my tips at the end of the recipe on the health benefits of the chosen ingredients.

Preparation time

  • 5 minutes

You will need

  • Spoons
  • Bowl / mug / dis-used bowler hat
  • A freezer (or a snowy landscape…)

Ingredients (per person)

  • Two handfuls of frozen raspberries
  • Two tablespoons of Greek or natural yoghurt
  • One dollop of honey or maple syrup
  • Optional healthy extras: dark chocolate, basil, mint, frozen strawberries… suggestions please


Drop the handfuls of frozen raspberries into a bowl or similar container. Spoon the yoghurt and honey / maple syrup in and stir gently. Watch the exquisite pink of the raspberries crush into the smooth white yoghurt. Let the raspberries crack a bit so some juice oozes out, but don’t smash them in completely. Then leave the mixture to stand for five minutes and the yoghurt will freeze around the fruit with a delicious crisp texture. If needed stand the mixture in the freezer for five minutes. But don’t leave it for too long because the yoghurt will crystallise and solidify.  You might want to experiment a bit with ratios of ingredients – too much yoghurt won’t freeze onto the fruit and more syrup brings extra sweetness.

If you have friends or family with you, why not suggest they experiment with fun flavourings: ground black pepper, vanilla pods or toasted almonds for example all compliment these flavours and have their own minerals, vitamins and do-gooder components.

Benefits of these combined ingredients

Maple syrup and honey are healthy sweetners because they have a lower glycaemic index than refined sugar, meaning that the carbohydrate can be absorbed slowly by the body. Use lots of honey – help protect the future of the bumble bees!

The clever bit

When you combine maple syrup or honey with fibre and protein, the energy is absorbed even more slowly. So the combination of raspberries and yoghurt will make this pudding a sugary treat which makes you feel amazing too.

As many cancer veterans will know too, after high-dose chemo, several operations and hormone treatment I’m especially interested in looking after my bone density, teeth, skin and digestive tract. Calcium, minerals, fibre, vitamins, low fat and glycaemic-index plus anti-oxidants in this recipe will cover all of these. Raspberries are good for skin, as is low sugar and fat, which keeps me happy. If you prefer not to eat dairy you could use soya instead. So why not try this instead of ice-cream? You can even eat it for breakfast!

What great innovations can you add?

Happy scoffing!

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