Beauty with Heart

I was working with the Body Shop and the Teenage Cancer Trust today as an advocate at a joint event in Milton Keynes ‘Beauty with Heart’. We had some really exciting conversations and I was pleased to be a part of this fantastic collaboration. I also felt this was a milestone in my recuperation from my recent operation and the process of looking to the future, but now I’m pretty exhausted and ready to sleep! For now here are a couple of snaps…

IMG_2630The Body Shop girls generously giving makeovers to promote the TCT.


The ‘Beauty with heart’ fashion show featuring eco designs produced by Milton Keynes College students.


3 thoughts on “Beauty with Heart

  1. Hi Olivia, we found you via your friend Alice (her twitter page) who stopped to taste some of our special tea this weekend in Cambridge. One of our first customers was our mum when she was recovering from her first operation for lymphatic cancer. It helped her feel a little better so it might help you. Let us know where to send you a complimentary pack. Kind regards – Sam – (P.S – great blog, keep going with the writing, success comes to those who fail the most. What separates them is they just keep going. Simple, but true. Its the hardest times that give us the personal growth to keep going. And when things feel really shit its time for music; Our song of the day:

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