Post-op Post


Here’s a short update from me at Red Lipstick & Catheters. I’m happy to tell you I’m now well into my recovery from a successful operation which, among other things, confirmed there were no recurrent malignant cells. Amazing! However the impact was slightly bigger than expected so my apologies for the prolonged silence. I hope to begin posting features again very shortly.  For now, here are a few photos and thoughts. 

Blue thistle in the sun… FLOWERS are awesome


Postoperative sunbathing feels amazing, joyous relief like this almost makes it all pay off


Other creatures also dream of running free


I’ll leave you with this image of recovery in an idyllic scene, surrounded by flowers and sunlight…



When in pain and feeling serious, I’ve very much learnt that it helps to laugh… preferably at yourself and your situation for maximum cheering-up effects!

Finally, if you’re sensible, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this… have a listen and a dance if you can! Get Lucky (Official Audio) – Daft Punk – Music Video – VEVO 

Thanks for reading!

Olivia x




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