My Moment – short mockumentary

Commute by any means: mockumentary comedy about a woman mysteriously trapped in the countryside, undertaking extreme commuting methods to escape back to London! Vintage tractor action movie. I’d love to hear what you think. I hope it makes you smile!

lipstick-header-top-icon.jpg Olivia

‘Commute by any means, even a vintage tractor’


16 thoughts on “My Moment – short mockumentary

  1. HA – I love this!!!!! sooo funny. cool atmos in the dialogue room with music in background/setting. And I LOVE the contraptions! Any possible route to London…. xxx

    • Hello Rosie – thanks! I’m so happy to hear it amused you. And the other elements you liked – thanks very much – the contraptions are also a personal fave. Thanks so much for commenting – great 🙂 Olivia x

    • Haha! Thanks Amy – tractor manoeuvering is a new skill I’ve prioritised while I’m resting at home – I’m sure it will have plenty of useful applications…! Thanks very much for commenting, I’m really pleased that you enjoyed it. Olivia

  2. Livi this is great! I’m showing it to people in New York – you’re going to crack America! Love Morrison xx

    • Hey Morrison! Awesome! Great to hear it. A little bit of England for you in NYC… Haha – I’ll pack my bag ready for the call for whoever calls at such a time… Um, Spielberg? Perhaps I should tweet him my number just in-case… 🙂 THANK YOU! X

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